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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Karaoke time (budding "Barefoots")

Leona, our new activities director, has decided to stretch her abilities (or her vocal cords, to be precise) by running Karaoke nights at the beach bar on Wednesday nights. Last night there was a good crowd, but it seems the parents were too shy and the kids took the mike… too cute !

Cogratulations to Barefoot Man !

Barefoot Man was never going to let Ivan keep him down, so congrats go out to him, as after playing his regular Tuesday night “gig” with us this week, he is taking a week or so off to move back into his house, which had to be totally rebuilt after Ivan. Here is an article [...]

Youngster helps cancer society

A great story in the Cayman Compass today about a nine year old foregoing birthday presents at his party and so giving CI$500 to the Cancer Society. Cayman is a small community, and so the story behind the story is often even better. Sam Whitney’s mum is Laura, the owner of Fitness Connection , an [...]

Hurricane Ivan repairs – ugh !

Ok… I worked frantically to get my family back into my condo by the end of January after over 4 months out of the country… and now, in late June, we’ve pretty much got used to things being almost normal. I got all the interior stuff done, but the Strata (ie condo association) took a [...]

Stars and Secret Ingredients

Just had the digital camera out around the resort. First of all, congrats to our latest “star employee” award winner, Curt Weston. Visitors to The Reef will not see Weston unless anything goes wrong with the engineering around the place, but trust me, he has done a marvellous job since we re-opened of fixing the [...]

Graceful dismount… not !

As a follow up to the “Big Boys Birthday party” post over the weekend, I’m still in much pain from the “wipeouts”. Although the whole gizmo is well padded, the bodyboard was not, plus it felt a bit like being flushed down a storm drain (I think!) Anyway, a friend emailed me this photo…enjoy !

Caribbean Travel and Life – "All’s Clear Grand Cayman"

No online link to this article (but it is well worth subscribing to this magazine, it is a fun read and the only magazine focussed on vacationing in the Caribbean), but just received today the July/August issue of Caribbean Travel and Life magazine, there is a big article by their Editor in Chief, Bob Friel, [...]

Reef Resort receives rave reviews

Not my headline, but from the Caymanian Compass today. Congratulations to Cliodhna McGowan (the journalist who wrote the story…and that is Clee-own-ah) on her alliterative headline writing skills. I am really proud of all our staff at The Reef, but I am most happy that the words in teh story come from our owners and [...]

British Lions Rugby – a sad, sad joke

Well, it happened, the Lions got totally crushed by the All Blacks of New Zealand. Scotland on Sunday had it right : Future is All Black for outclassed pussy cats Zinzan Brooke, ex All Black, launched a scathing attack on Sir Clive Woodward on the BBC Website here. As he put it : The All [...]

Stingray Swim Club Meet – fighting back from Ivan!

This weekend the Stingray Swim Club put on a full (four day) swim meet, sponsored by Progressive Distributors (so lots of Gatorade etc around… they distribute it!). After Ivan the swim programme took months to recover, and with swimming being such an intensive sport that a few months off is something that many swimmers don’t [...]

Big Boys Birthday Party !

Yesterday a good friend of mine had a birthday party… no, not one of those grown up dinners for couples etc… but instead he hired the wave pool at the Black Pearl Wave and Skate park from 4-5pm on Saturday. I guess for most of us there our kids had tried the wave pool, and [...]

Restaurant re-opening update

Following a request by email (please post requests by blog comment where possible, so everyone can see them )… a quick update, focussing on restaurants in our area. Castro’s Hideaway – open (of course !) Portofino – open Roland’s Garden – open. This is a unique experience… Roland is a unique guy, right down to [...]

Fine Art at The Reef Resort

After some delays (some of our artists were very much “Ivanised”) we have finally got off the ground with our much delayed art gallery. Our lobby already has the “wow” factor of walking in through our entrance and looking through to the wide view of the Caribbean… but we decided that we could add to [...]

Up Close with Castro

For those of you who have visited us at The Reef, you will know Castro (the cockatoo, not Fidel) Anyway, a leading publication recently interviewed him for a personal profile. I had no idea how fluent a cockatoo could be, especially as English is his second language ! I think there may have been some [...]

Murray Mania as Scot Beats Seed

Sorry, this Blog is supposed to be about Cayman, but some news off the wire is that Andrew Murray, the 18 year old Scottish tennis player who won the US Junior Open last year… just beat the #14 seed at Wimbledon to get to the 3rd round. Let’s face it, Scotland is not known for [...]

Enstroms Toffee, the best candy in the world

This stuff is the DBs … English sland for… ah-hem… something very good. I was reminded of this by a conversation with someone today who was asking if I needed anything brought down to civilisation (ie Cayman) from the good ol’ USA. The only thing I really crave is Enstroms toffee, a singular addiction that [...]

Watch this space..and tell your friends !

Got some interesting news to report (Cayman / The Reef specific… ) coming up in th next few days. Check back daily for updates…. and please tell your friends who want to get their “Cayman fix” to check back.. their is nothing like seeing your daily visitor stats climbing to inspire effort in posting !

Insanity must be hereditary

Ok, I said I would not be too personal in this blog… but I always loved the shots Erik put in his blog of his kids. Anyway, the title says it all. The first shot is of my 7 year old Iain before his first one mile sea swim… I’ll say that again… ONE MILE… [...]

Nothing to do with Cayman… English Lions team picked

One sport I love more than any other is Rugby. In fact, I make an annual pilgrimage in the middle of winter to watch Scotland play at Murrayfield with 60,000+ other pilgrims (of course, we normally lose, but that’s not the point) Anyway, the supremely arrogant/confident (you choose) English coach of the British Lions has [...]

Big News ! The Cinema is going to re-open !

As my forebears would say in Scotland… YAAH BEAUTY !!! The Cinema is going to finally re-open in mid-July… another mark of civilisation returning ! For the full story, see the article in the “other” quality newspaper, the Cayman Observer In what seems to be another case of “back, better than ever”, the cinema will [...]

Mandarin Oriental Project formally announced

This has been about the worst kept secret out…. but in today’s Compass, the Mandarin Oriental company announced (here)that their new 114 room retreat will open on the Barefoot Beach location about two miles west of The Reef Resort along the Queen’s Highway. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… hmm.. let me [...]

Iguana Diaries RIP

This one is in honour of Erik Stafford’s late lamented personal Blog… The Iguana Diaries Erik is IT guru and moderator-in-chief (LOL!) of the Morritts website and forums. He has had a hellacious time since Ivan dealing with hundreds if not thousands of timeshare owners at Morritts constantly seeking information. IMHO he has done a [...]

Quiz of the day…

I’m disappointed, nobody came back and told me what SWMBO means… so another clue… the lead actor in the BBC series was Leo McKern….. >>>>>ok.. I guess you all give up…. SWMBO is “She Who Must Be Obeyed”… as often used by Rumpole of the Bailey, that classic character played by Leo McKern and written [...]

Destination Weddings / Honyemooning in Cayman

I just spent time this morning at an industry seminar on “Destination Weddings and Honeymoons” and how Cayman can attract more and more people to come here. I know at The Reef we are doing a lot of this business…. wedding groups of 4 to 104…. and we did a whole bunch of Weddings in [...]

Cayman Message forum censorship :(

I’ve just had my wrist slapped (posts deleted/ heavily censored) twice in 24 hours by two of the most visited Cayman message boards, and I am upset. I may be new to this blog stuff, but I’ve been hanging around on internet message boards for a long time indeed. Am I hanging out because it [...]