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Big Boys Birthday Party !

Yesterday a good friend of mine had a birthday party… no, not one of those grown up dinners for couples etc… but instead he hired the wave pool at the Black Pearl Wave and Skate park from 4-5pm on Saturday.

I guess for most of us there our kids had tried the wave pool, and we had always been full of bravado but were never going to try it until Des invited us.

Must have been the first “boys birthday party” I’d been to for 25 years…. and although I was disappointed at the lack of goodie bags, jelly and ice cream (!), the wave pool was, in the words of The Fast Show….. BBRRIILLIAANNTT!!!!!!!!!!

(Mind you, am aching all over today!)

At night, we all went to Roland’s Garden for dinner.. food was excellent, but Roland was a bit taken aback when 16 of us showed up for a reservation for 12… but there was plenty of food to go around. For those who don’t know his place, he used to run Lighthouse restaurant, has now retired to his house in Cottage (near East End), has a BYOB place with no menu (he serves what he likes) and no prices (you leave him what you think the meal was worth!). Quite extraordinary… but anyway, food excellent, definitely worth a try !
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