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Big News ! The Cinema is going to re-open !

As my forebears would say in Scotland… YAAH BEAUTY !!!

The Cinema is going to finally re-open in mid-July… another mark of civilisation returning !

For the full story, see the article in the “other” quality newspaper, the Cayman Observer

In what seems to be another case of “back, better than ever”, the cinema will be under new management, which promises major improvements.

The old cinema was facelifted on the outside when it became part of the Marquee development (owned by Joe Imparato, ex oilman, ex owner of CUC, now Cayman commercial property mogul), but it was always the same inside. The facilities were fine, but the lovely Cayman ladies who had been running it since the days of silent pictures (or so it seemed!) were still using cloakroom tickets for admission, still pouring diet coke out of cans (long lines at the concession stand), and just generally not going with the times, I guess because there was no competition.

This was fine when Cayman was a small town, but when things started getting busier, the old cloakroom ticket thing caused problems. I vividly remember taking my kids to see Harry Potter, then arriving at the movie theater 90 minutes beforehand to make sure to get tickets. Whilst the ladies were there, they said that they weren’t selling tickets yet, but to come back 45 minutes before the show.

We then dutifully showed up 47 minutes before showtime to find that some more persuasive people had convinced them to start selling tickets early, so they were sold out. My boys were nearly in tears, they could not understand what had happened.

Anyway, the new management seem to be very IT aware, plus it seems they are experience in driving business, hopefully this will result in a more customer focussed business.

Oh, and note the other point in the article was about the Dart project. This is called Camana Bay, and promises to be the biggest thing to hit Cayman in many years. The Dart family are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into this. Yes, they expect to make money out of it eventually, but they are multi, multi billionaires (think about that next time you get coffee in a styrofoam cup from the gas station!) and this sort of planned community is something they have always wanted to do… and Cayman is lucky they chose us.

Right, after a couple of “dry” days, I seem to have been inspired into a fit of verbosity, but that’s enough for now.. lunch break over !

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  1. Phil O
    Posted June 23, 2005 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Yaah beauty….



    (occasional visitor to Glasgow)

  2. Mad Bull
    Posted June 25, 2005 at 4:31 am | Permalink

    Yaaahhhhhh Beauty!

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