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Hurricane Ivan repairs – ugh !

Ok… I worked frantically to get my family back into my condo by the end of January after over 4 months out of the country… and now, in late June, we’ve pretty much got used to things being almost normal.

I got all the interior stuff done, but the Strata (ie condo association) took a long time to get insurance and construction issues sorted out, so they have only just now got around to their exterior work, the main thing being ripping out and replacing all doors, windows and sliding doors on the ground floor.

Anyway, it was scheduled, but nonetheless disurptive… 7am this morning a highly organised and large crew appeared at the house and by 7:30am had ripped out the Front Door and an 8′ Patio sliding door… then, this being rainy season, a stormcloud descended…. ugh.

It has stopped raining now, but I am here at work and just hoping that they at least get me “dried in” by tonight !

Should have some pictures, will put them up once I have finished cleaning the dust off everything… hopefully it won’t take more than… a few days !

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted June 29, 2005 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    Good luck! We really hope things get stable and somewhat normal for you and your family.

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