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Iguana Diaries RIP

This one is in honour of Erik Stafford’s late lamented personal Blog… The Iguana Diaries

Erik is IT guru and moderator-in-chief (LOL!) of the Morritts website and forums. He has had a hellacious time since Ivan dealing with hundreds if not thousands of timeshare owners at Morritts constantly seeking information. IMHO he has done a terrific job feeding all the information that was availalble to him to those clamouring for news…. and he has suffered a few “e”-bullet wounds from being shot as the messenger….. but things now seem to be moving head at Morritts with reconstruction and, as their neighbour, I welcome that and look forward to their re-opening.

Anyway, The Iguana Diaries was Erik’s personal blog… he took it down after Ivan when he had to leave the island with his family, but up until that point it was a beautifully presented (after all, he is an IT guru… note.. I’m not.. my blog is a bit amateurish in comparison) and simple journal of a young family settling in to life in Cayman…. complete with many shots of his highly photogenic family….. which, consciously or unconsciously, it matters not… showed him to be a dedicated father and family man.

Erik, I know you’ll read this… for the benefit of those who never saw your blog…. and, noting that the old posts are still available through the search function… would be great if you made the old archives directly available.. it was a great blog !

Anyway, my wife is very shy and doesn’t want me making my blog too personal, but in honour of Erik’s blog… here is a picture of my 7 year old… Iain…. proudly showing his finishing number on completing the Flowers One Mile Sea Swim in just over 47″

(nuts… that photo is on the home PC… will put it up tonight….)

My other son, Alex, finished in about 26″… aged 10… I’m another proud Dad !

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  1. Erik Stafford
    Posted June 22, 2005 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    That’s awsome, thank you. Believe me, your website has been bookmarked and I will check it often. Thanks for picking up the torch.


  2. TomCayman
    Posted June 22, 2005 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    I don’t think I can light the way as brightly as you did with your blog… if you can’t put all the archives up, maybe just the last couple of months.. to give people a taste….

    Hey, the reason it was so good was because of how well your kids and SWMBO photographed… like me, you too were blessed that the ugly gene skipped a generation (LOL!)

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