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Nothing to do with Cayman… English Lions team picked

One sport I love more than any other is Rugby. In fact, I make an annual pilgrimage in the middle of winter to watch Scotland play at Murrayfield with 60,000+ other pilgrims (of course, we normally lose, but that’s not the point)

Anyway, the supremely arrogant/confident (you choose) English coach of the British Lions has just picked 8 out of his 15 players from 1 of the 4 nations represented… and a further 5 out of the 7 substitutes.

He is so loyal to his English players that he has picked the English player who was once (two years ago) probably the best player in the world out of position, as he was so desperate to include him in his team. He has also picked a guy for last line of defence that is so tiny that the huge New Zealand players will trample all over him.

The highly respected New Zealand player and columnist, Zinzan Brooke, says it best :

Among the contentious issues in Woodward’s team announcement is Jonny Wilkinson’s selection at inside centre and the naming of an all-England back row.

“It’s hard to make any sense of what he’s done there,” said Brooke. “You could understand the decision if England had won the Six Nations.

“But he’s now created two teams – an England team and a ‘rest of them’ team.”

The full article is here on the BBC website

It’s not that I am not supporting them to win, I hope the Lions do win… but I am demotivated enough not to bother setting my alarm for 2am to go and watch the match live here in Cayman.

Fingers xd.

Oh, and for Chris Burdge… if SCW is unbiased, where, oh where is Jason White in his squad ? :)

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