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Monthly Archives: June 2005

The "new" Castro’s Hideaway

Also as I hustled back to the cool of my office from my photo mission… a shot of the new “built like a brick outhouse/no hurricane is moving this one” beach bar…. nicely in the shade and with a cooling breeze to go with those mudslides from Yoselyn… ah, if I wasn’t at work now [...]

No webcam… but this is "Today at The Reef"

Ok so today the Cayman Compass (see link on blog sidebar) called me today… they are running a story on The Reef.. will post a link when it publishes… and they wanted a shot of The Reef since Ivan. Not having shot any new “stock”, I sacrificed my pale skin to the hot sun (and [...]

What I want for Father’s Day – the energy of a child!

I wish I could bottle the energy that kids have ! Yesterday my two oldest boys (7 and 10) swam in the one mile sea swim, then hung out on the beach for three hours waiting to win random prizes (they both did..lucky boys!), then we had several boys over for a sleepover for an [...]

Flowers Recovery Mile Sea Swim – Cayman at our best !

As promised, coverage of the Flowers Sea Swim. This year, the annual one mile swim was renamed the “Recovery Mile”, as local companies donated all kinds of services to the “live free for a year” fund. Ten local families in all five districts of Grand Cayman were selected as being in need after Ivan. Three [...]

Porsche Cayman screws up Cayman web searches

Yup…. for some reason unknown to anyone outside Stuttgart, Porsche have give the name “Cayman” to their new hairdresser mobile (sorry, any Porsche other than a 911 is for hairdressers and ad execs only… I’m normally a flexible guy, but that one is a non-negotiable opinion). Still, if you are interested and the Audi TT [...]

Hey, I want to be the Activities Director !

In the last post I mentioned that Leona is our new Activities Director. Well, one of the things she suggested doing was water aerobics. That’s her on the left, with two of our guests, taken earlier this morning… she claims they were doing leg kicks or something under the water, but it looks pretty much [...]

Sunday Fun…

While I was at home chilling out on Sunday, guests at The Reef seemed to be having a great time on the beach with our welcome party, led by Leona Baker…. previously one of our star bartenders, now our Activities Director. I asked my staff to take photos whenever we have something worth showing, and [...]

Rooster 101 – "Cayman Crosstalk"

Every morning I take my half hour commute from George Town out to The Reef. Driving along the empty Cayman roads heading East (and waving at the nose to tail traffic heading into the “big city”), I sip on my freshly brewed Cayman Coffee Company coffee (highly recommended!) and listen in to Barrie Quappe (that’s [...]

Phil’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Following an earlier post on the collected wisdom of our main man Phil, the photo below is kindly sent to us by caribbeansun who put it : “thought I’d show him in action just in case there are any single ladies that will be staying at The Reef in the near future that might want [...]

Lighthouse Restaurant update

Another recent request was for photos of the Lighthouse. These were taken this morning on my way to work (another gorgeous day in Cayman!). You can see that Captain G has made some changes to the oceanside. I also took a shot of the new view back across from Lighthouse towards Bodden Town, it really [...]

Castaways’ Cove progress report

This past weekend someone requested an update on the progress of development at Phase II Castaways’ Cove, and, lo and behold, this morning Lyall Watt told me that he had updated the website, including progress report photos here As resort developers, we do have an odd situation at Castaways’. The normal rule is “build only [...]

Queen’s Birthday Holiday – what’s that all about ?

Today in Cayman was a public holiday… for the Queen’s Birthday. I’m not really a royalist, but many people in Cayman are very loyal to the Monarchy, and of course to the “mother country”. These days Cayman is called an “Overseas Territory”, and we still have close ties to the UK, what with having a [...]

If another big one hits, StormCarib is the place to be

First of all, I should preface this by noting that Ivan was the only major hurricane to hit Cayman since records began in 1851… BUT, if the next big one comes, the experience after Ivan was that the US based media didn’t pay us any attention after the storm passed, and that included websites. For [...]

Hurricane Ivan slideshow

Friends of Cayman is a terrific idea for a website that a friend just pointed me to. On the website is a slideshow of Cayman pictures, plus a variety of organisations to contact if anybody wants to help with recovery efforts. Looking at these makes me realise quite how far we have come in these [...]

"Sam’s Club" improves civilisation ??

Strange though it may seem, having the first wholesale club in Cayman open up has been a real enhancement to quality of life for those of us living on this small island and dealing with (import duty and shipping) enhanced pricing every day. The newly opened “Priced Right” store has been opened by the Foster [...]

Words of Wisdom

These words of wisdom from Phil are posted behind our beach bar. I would say that he definitely has an unusual sense of humour and way with words, as shown by his biography (here) : Phil has been fortunate enough to live on Grand Cayman for the last seven years. Originally from Dublin, Ireland (as [...]

Shifting Sand

Tropical Storm Arlene passed through our area… much ado about nothing, but gave us some much needed rain… although a little too much ! Thursday morning June 9th we woke up to see a combination of soft sand (we’d had virtually no rain for several months to pack down sand) and a huge amount or [...]

Melissa moves on

Many of our owners and guests will have got to know Melissa over the course of her several years with us at The Reef. Her quirky smile at the Front Desk and “can do” attitude made her a key part of our team….but things change, and Melissa has now moved to the other end of [...]

US Citizens watch out, passports required from Jan 1, 2006

The full story was carried in the Cayman Compass, our local “quality” newspaper this week. **edited to note that this is down to the US Department of Homeland Security, not the Cayman Islands Government** I’ve often wondered why it is that well over 90% of all US citizens don’t have a passport, but I guess [...]

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart visits The Reef

Recently I got a strange phone call from a producer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart… they were arriving in Cayman in two days and needed somewhere to shoot a segment for the show, plus some help shooting around the island. Hmm, I thought. I’d seen the show a number of times (before Hurricane [...]

Sunrise at The Reef, April 2005

As you can see, it has taken me a while to get started with this, and I still have little or no idea what I am doing, but hopefully I will get the hang of this soon. Anyway, this gorgeous shot of Sunrise at The Reef was taken recently by some guests of ours, Al [...]

Dipping our toes into the blogosphere…

Friends of The Reef will no doubt have noticed that we have not been updating our website or sending out newsletters for some time…. life in Cayman and at The Reef has been busy, to say the least, over recent months (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). Anyway, thought I would see if [...]