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What I want for Father’s Day – the energy of a child!

I wish I could bottle the energy that kids have ! Yesterday my two oldest boys (7 and 10) swam in the one mile sea swim, then hung out on the beach for three hours waiting to win random prizes (they both did..lucky boys!), then we had several boys over for a sleepover for an early celebration of the older boy’s birthday.

After all that energy expended,the “sleepover crew” still stayed up until 1am, then were up again at 6:30am… I’m getting a few moments respite now (courtesy of Gamecube), then am taking them all out to the new sports bar at Grand Harbour, Davey Jones’ Locker. No, not to drink Red Stripe and watch the US Open (wishful thinking for Fathers Day!)… but they have a huge virtual sports game machine, and the boys want to try that out… kind of Gamecube / Playstation on steroids, I guess !

Anyway…. when the crew get picked up at 2pm today, I am sure my sons will still have energy to burn… but that’s when I hope to get my Father’s Day treat… a nap

**edited to note… midday we went to Davey Jones’ Locker… excellent virtual shooting game… totally non-PC but a great hit with the boys…. eventually hit the hay about 3:30 for a blissful hour or so.. right, off to crash now (11pm ish), as SWMBO has me up running at 6am every Mo/We/Fr these days… ok… quick quiz… what does SWMBO stand for ? (clue : ancient BBC comedy)***

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  1. abby
    Posted June 19, 2005 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    It is so true! Went to a wedding dance last night , a friend of my oldest boy’s class…..I can’t hardly move today! I am soo tired! My nap will be here as soon as the son leaves! Love him, but nappy time here Momma comes!

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