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Youngster helps cancer society

A great story in the Cayman Compass today about a nine year old foregoing birthday presents at his party and so giving CI$500 to the Cancer Society.

Cayman is a small community, and so the story behind the story is often even better. Sam Whitney’s mum is Laura, the owner of Fitness Connection , an island institution, and where the flying fish (my three boys) all learned to swim… starting before 6 months of age. In fact, as I type this, Grandma is taking my 20 month old youngest to his swimming lesson there.

Laura (Sam’s mum) not only runs a great business, but is also very involved in the community in many areas, and this must have rubbed off on young Sam.

Now, to make the story even better, Chris Sanders, who runs the Cancer Society here in Cayman, was for many years Laura’s “right hand” at Fitness Connection and is pretty much Sam’s “Auntie Chris”, making this a real “feel good” story.

You know, I really love this island, there is no place like it !

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