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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Doing 7 knots off the West Coast…

….of Scotland, that is. Typing on the Blackberry from the deck of a wooden boat called Tara cruising off Oban in the West Highlands, having driven up this morning from Edinburgh. If you have never been to Scotland, then it is tough to describe quite how breathtakingly beautiful it can be on a sunny day [...]

A "new" Tourist Attraction that is hundreds of years old

Today in Edinburgh I took my boys to see “Mary Kings Close”, a “new” attraction that is hundreds of years old. Absolutely fascinating… and OLD… in 1753 the great and the good of Edinburgh built what is now the City Chambers in the Old Town area off the Royal Mile. No, the attraction is nothing [...]

Radio Cayman strikes again

On holiday today, my mobile phone rings and it is a concerned member of staff calling to ask me if I am leaving The Reef…. to which my response was…. “EH !!??” Turns out Radio Cayman said so on the news, that I was replacing Mark Bastis as GM at the Hyatt, as he was [...]

Hibees, Hibees !

What on earth is all of that, you say ? Well, the rallying cry of one of the oldest football (soccer to those sporting heathens in North America) clubs in the world, Hibernian FC (founded 1875). Hibs are my home team (I was born and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland), and a passion of mine [...]

Bonnie Scotland !

Off this afternoon to Scotland for vacation. Travelling today with my 7 and 11 year old boys, and just realised how many gadgets I have, as am carrying them all in hand luggage. As a sample :- Laptop (with seat power adapter to use all flight long !)- Bose noise cancelling Headphones- Portable DVD player [...]

Swimming in Cayman – more info

Replying to a comment from Chris Nash. Oh, Chris started out asking if HD Morgans had a website. Don’t think so, but it does have great steaks (it is a new steakhouse in town), and the chef (Big Brian) is my next door neighbour….. for the red meat lovers in town, definitely worth a visit, [...]

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 !

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Miss Barbara. Know, she is not 16 anymore, in fact I’m not sure we have the slightest idea just how old she is, but she started with us the day we opened, and this is on native East Ender who I have the feeling will keep coming to work [...]

Googling, Cayman Time

Ok, from the last post you can see I am a big Google fan, but I do wonder about how people get to the top of their links. I’ve noticed that people are faking their links by a) setting up fake, auto-generated websites, b) having link pages with ludicrous numbers of links, and c) the [...]

Google Maps – very cool

Just found this… Google has a really cool mapping site here . Of course if you zoom in, the Cayman Islands don’t exist, but we are used to being ignored by big countries, we are, after all, vewwy, vewwy likkle ! And, for Windows users, Google Earth is worth hours of fun looking for your [...]

Even people in Cayman take vacations…

…….and, judging by my lack of blogging inspiration in recent days, I must need one No, not been watching the newly installed cable, except of course to see Scotland displayed in all her majesty as Tiger Woods comfortably held of a brave Monty to win The Open Golf Championship (FYI, it is not “The British [...]

I’ve got cable now !

Zoned out in front of the TV tonight, as finally got cable the other day…. the end of civilisation as we know it in my house, but I’ll still keep blogging.. tomorrow !

EcoVentures "Gone Fishing"

“Welcome” to Captain Joey : Joey and Steve of EcoVentures have finally taken delivery of their shiny new 26′ “Panga” fishing boat. Here Joey is taking out some friends from The Reef “family” : My two oldest boys are really excited, as Captain Joey has invited them out this weekend fishing.. yeah !

Emily played nice :)

At the end of the day we’ve had worse from winter “norwesters”, power stayed on, 2-3″ of rain, max wind gusts around 45kt (less at The Reef). Gert (StormCarib) just emailed me, Cayman Airways has reinstated his flight from Houston, so he’ll get his vacation in the end, and we are planning a dinner for [...]

Emily 5am Update

Set my alarm to check around the house at 5am EDT (4am Cayman Time). In short…. no worries right now. There has been a surprisingly low amount of rain (as judged by water in the parking lot), probably just 2-3″. We are expecting a lot more rain from the tail of the storm, but, based [...]

Emily update 10pm Cayman Time

Actually 11pm now, but the last advisory was at 10pm. Whilst the storm is a strong Cat 4, it is tiny… so although it should pass within 83 miles of George Town in a few hours time (around 5am) at the closest point), thus it is about 110 miles from us as I type…….right now [...]

Emily Update 5pm EDT / 4pm "Cayman Time"

Good afternoon folks….this is the metereological department of The Reef blogging Emily is now officially the strongest July Hurricane on record, but it looks like it won’t take Cayman into the record books. As of 5pm EDT, the Closest Point of Approach (as per Gert’s tool on StormCarib) will be about 94.7 miles. As this [...]

Hurricane Emily

This is all quite surreal….seriously, it has kind of a “pinch me so I can wake up” feel about it. Living and working in Cayman is really about as close to paradise as you can get, but the last 10 months have been horrendous, truly. First of all in late August we had Hurricane Charley, [...]

Welcome to "The Captains Blog"

Innovation is the watchword around East End, and where there is a good idea (like this blog), what’s better than one East End blog ? Well, why not two ? Our watersports partners (and blog addicts) along the road at Ocean Frontiers are getting in on the act from a “Wet” angle at The Captains [...]

David Foster – the passing of a great Caymanian

This evening I want to reflect for a moment on the passing of David Foster, leader of the Foster family, businessman, father, husband, friend and a shining example to us all, who passed on to a place of peace 10 days ago. You can read much about this great man in the Caymanian Compass, simply [...]

Keeping Hurricanes in Perspective

I’m going to paste this editorial in entirety, not just link to it, as I think it expresses my thoughts perfectly. This hypervigilance is not limited to Cayman… I spent yesterday with 600 agents at the Expedia call center in Miami, and they said that yesterday they were already fielding lots of calls about TS [...]

The Reef is in East End, 23 miles from the airport

Just a reminder for everyone who is considering staying at The Reef, we are most definitively not on Seven Mile Beach. Instead, we are 23 miles from the airport in the opposite direction. There is no traffic on the way to the resort, so if you stick rigidly to the speed limits, it is a [...]

Inspiration fails me..

I have to admit I am lacking in blog inspiration today… this week has been a busy one, including of course our storm preparations… all for naught, thankfully, but once bitten twice shy, bordering on the totally singularly agorophobic ! Anyway, there was supposed to be the last 800m sea swim of the year this [...]

Kitty Kai – illegal aliens from Cayman !

Back in May a member at The Reef took in a pregnant stray cat that always hung around the resort, named it “Kitty Kai” and took the little waif home to the US with them. Now, on July 5th, the US welcomed six new “aliens” : Yeahhhhhhh. We have 6 beautiful babies. She wanted her [...]

Dennis update – one word – "phew!"

**5PM EDT UPDATE – Storm continues to track further away from Cayman** As of 11am EDT today, Thu July 7th, Dennis has now taken a more Northerly track and is now forecast to pass at least 125 miles from Grand Cayman early morning tomorrow (Friday). As such, Barefoot Man has been “uncancelled” for tonight’s performance [...]

Hi Dennis (Tropical Storm Dennis)

Well… Hurricane Season is June to November, and June passed us by without a hitch (although rainy season finally arrived… washing out Taste of Cayman this past weekend). Now we are in July and this morning we welcome “Dennis” Of course in Cayman we are all Hurricane experts now, so I would say this one [...]