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David Foster – the passing of a great Caymanian

This evening I want to reflect for a moment on the passing of David Foster, leader of the Foster family, businessman, father, husband, friend and a shining example to us all, who passed on to a place of peace 10 days ago. You can read much about this great man in the Caymanian Compass, simply search for David Foster and read the letters and tributes, but the newspaper editorial directly after his passing is here.

This afternoon I attended his memorial service at Pedro Castle. I have no idea of the exact number attending, but I would guess in excess of 2,000 people came out to pay tribute.

To me, his most vital quality was that he was first and foremost a man of total integrity and honesty. He was also probably the hardest working person you could ever meet, but at the same time always realised the reason he was working so hard was for his family, and behind them (but not far behind), his community and country.

David had five children with his inestimable better half, Chi Chi, and his most lasting and significant legacy is that each of those children, in their own way, carries part of him with them, and they will all undoubtedly build on the success story that he started for his family.

I will not get too personal about this, but David was someone I had a huge amount of respect for, he was a huge figure in Cayman society, but at the same time he was totally down to earth and someone I spent many a Sunday afternoon with under a shade tree with a cold Heineken while we solved the problems of Cayman and the world beyond.

As a father of three myself, I can only hope that I can come close to the success David had as a father and husband. There are many people who succeed in business, but few who also bring such a level of success to all areas of their life. In short, David Foster was the personification of everything great in Cayman and Caymanians.

His children are already making their mark one by one in the Cayman of the new millenium, and I have no doubt that, taking the firm grounding given them by both of their parents, they will, in their own way, take his legacy and build on it as he looks down proudly upon them from on high.

David will be sorely missed.

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