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Emily update 10pm Cayman Time

Actually 11pm now, but the last advisory was at 10pm. Whilst the storm is a strong Cat 4, it is tiny… so although it should pass within 83 miles of George Town in a few hours time (around 5am) at the closest point), thus it is about 110 miles from us as I type…….right now we have about 15 knot winds outside my window and a tiny bit of rain.

Yes, it will no doubt deteriorate in the next hour or two, this means that as of now, 6 hours from closest point of the storm…. we have nothing to shout about.

Power, internet, TV are all still up and running, and I hope that stays (as I’m hoping to watch Monty win the Open tomorrow and he has an 8am Cayman Time tee time!).

I’m probably going to try to stay awake until about 3am, so that if we see any coastal flooding, I can mop up anything that comes under the door…however, I’m going to sit in the recliner and my record of staying awake in that chair is very poor :)

Will try to keep updates coming… as long as the Cingular network stays up, I can blog by Blackberry.

If not, check in with StormCarib for updates if you are up late.

Good night to all !

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