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Even people in Cayman take vacations…

…….and, judging by my lack of blogging inspiration in recent days, I must need one :)

No, not been watching the newly installed cable, except of course to see Scotland displayed in all her majesty as Tiger Woods comfortably held of a brave Monty to win The Open Golf Championship (FYI, it is not “The British Open”, it is “The Open”… we Scots invented the game, we have the right to have the definitive tournament !). Yikes, I am getting crabby, definitely time for that vacation.

Anyway, things are ticking along at The Reef. Joey Welcome has done a few fishing trips already in his new EcoVentures boat, and I have the Yellowfin Tuna steaks ready for the grill tomorrow night to prove it.

I’m off on my vacation this weekend, so will be posting from Scotland. No great plans, just enjoying a change of scenery, although due to the internet will never be too far away from The Reef and Cayman. As I am just as proud of Scotland as I am of Cayman, be ready for some pictures of that beautiful land.

Now, on that theme, humour me as I give you one of the oldest jokes around… and, for my many English friends, as I said once at a Burns Supper, you have to understand, we are not anti-English (but we’ll make an exception for ****** Clive Woodward!), we are pro-Scots :) :

In the beginning, God created the earth. On the second day, while he was making his countries, God discovered a small island off a continent he’d decided to christen ‘Europe’.

“I know,” thought God, “I shall make this land an area of outstanding natural beauty. I shall bless it with lochs and glens, crystal-clear waters and rivers teeming with wild salmon. I will name this country ‘Scotland’ and shall bestow upon the nation my favourite drink ‘whisky’, the water of life. I shall bequeath major reserves of gas and oil to bring its people great wealth , Aberdeen-Angus cattle and salmon running wild, so that they need never go hungry.”

When he’d finished his work, one of the angels turned to God and said, “Hang on a minute. Why should Scotland be blessed with all these natural treasures? Aren’t we making life too easy for its people; shouldn’t they have something to test them?”

And God replied, “You haven’t seen who their neighbours are yet.”

I thank you :)

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted July 22, 2005 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    And on the tenth day the nasty neighbours asked God if they should buy the Scots a drink, to help build relationships, and god replied “when i gave them the land and the cows and fish I also made them tight with money so dont expect one back”.

  2. TomCayman
    Posted July 22, 2005 at 10:05 am | Permalink

    …I’ll get me bike !

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