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Googling, Cayman Time

Ok, from the last post you can see I am a big Google fan, but I do wonder about how people get to the top of their links. I’ve noticed that people are faking their links by a) setting up fake, auto-generated websites, b) having link pages with ludicrous numbers of links, and c) the latest thing, setting up bogus blogs simply to have links out their on the web.

Anyway this blog is called Cayman Time, it is about life in Cayman, but also a play on words, so I thought it would be fun to talk about what Cayman Time is, and, at the same time, every time I mention Cayman Time or the word Cayman, to have it set up as a link to Cayman Time, the blog. We’ll see if that pushes me up in the Google listing for the term Cayman. However as this is an experiment and, naturally, I don’t want to upset the powers that be at Google, I will then pull this post to restore the status quo in the search engine listings.

So, here in Cayman, we have this phenonemon known as Cayman Time. What is means is that, in Cayman, as in pretty much every hot weather country in the world, sometimes things don’t run to schedule. I guess this is due to the hot weather. In Cayman, we call it Cayman Time, as in “we’ll see you at 8, Cayman Time”, means “we’ll be there anytime after 8, certainly not before, but hopefully before you give up on us arriving at all!”

Another term used in Cayman and by our neighbours in Jamaica is “soon come”, and of course the latin countries have manana, so it must be a hot climate thing.

The funny thing is that here in Cayman things have become more and more organised as time goes by, and the only thing that is normally guaranteed to run late is a meeting with a politician. I’ve yet to see one of those start on time here in Cayman, but then again those folk always seem so overscheduled, perhaps it is just impossible for them to be on time !

Another phrase we use in Cayman is “no problem”, something again that we picked up from Jamaica. You’ll hear it used by all the staff at The Reef whenever you need something done, but I see a difference from the usage in Jamaica. Over there it tends to be a turn of phrase, or pause for breath, kind of like how soldiers use swear words for punctuation. Here in Cayman though, and certainly at The Reef, it has genuine meaning. If a guest has something that needs done, and a staff member says “no problem”, it really means that. It means that the guest need not worry, we will get the problem fixed.. “no problem” !

Right, end of experimental post, give it a couple of days and search for Cayman and see if I am on page 1 !

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  1. Lora
    Posted July 22, 2005 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    Great post, Tom. You had me laughing hysterically, which, for some reason, is incredibly embarrassing when I’m sitting here alone.
    I’m looking forward to searching “Cayman” on Monday!
    Have a lovely weekend.


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