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Hi Dennis (Tropical Storm Dennis)

Well… Hurricane Season is June to November, and June passed us by without a hitch (although rainy season finally arrived… washing out Taste of Cayman this past weekend).

Now we are in July and this morning we welcome “Dennis”

Of course in Cayman we are all Hurricane experts now, so I would say this one looks like going North of Jamaica, and when they do that they tend to veer to the North. On the other hand… if it does an “Ivan” and bounce off the Blue Mountains to the South of JA, we are right in the path. Mind you, if it was to come near us, then they are forecasting sustained winds of only about 65kts… pah !.. barely a breeze compared to “Ivan the Terrible”.

Oh, and if you are due to arrive in Cayman this weekend, don’t cancel !! Take a look at the great information on StormCarib here , and you will note that Grand Cayman has not had a Hurricane pass within 60 miles of as early as July since 1933 :)

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  1. TomCayman
    Posted July 6, 2005 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    Wednesday morning update… under our planning, we check the US NHC advisories every 6 hours. No change overnight, so right now, as we have all our Hurricane provisions in place for the season at The Reef, we are hanging fire.

    By tomorrow (Thu) am, we will know better if it will “bounce” North or South of Jamaica.

    If North, nothing for us to worry about, as worst we will get is some 30-40mph winds.

    If South, it could come close to us as a strong Cat 1 storm. Again, that is not that strong a storm, so not that much to worry about, but we would then at least take the chairs off the beach on Thursday :)

  2. celine
    Posted July 6, 2005 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    don’t forget to tie yourselves to the new and WONDERFUL beach bar…that place is going NOWHERE!

    Good luck and I’m sure I’ll be checking weather channel ALL NIGHT!


  3. TomCayman
    Posted July 6, 2005 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Don’t worry… and remember that the weather channel only gets the same information that you and I can see on the National Hurricane Center website… briefings only every 6 hours…. 11pm EDT, 5AM EDT

    I’ll check the 5AM EDT update then call around the decision makers and plan out tomorrow… but as of now (7pm Cayman time), we are still under Hurricane Watch, not Warning, which means our own (very cautious) National Hurricane Committee do not anticipate hurricane force winds within 24 hours.

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