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Kitty Kai – illegal aliens from Cayman !

Back in May a member at The Reef took in a pregnant stray cat that always hung around the resort, named it “Kitty Kai” and took the little waif home to the US with them.

Now, on July 5th, the US welcomed six new “aliens” :

Yeahhhhhhh. We have 6 beautiful babies. She wanted her tummy rubbed all night last night (July 4th) so of course I laid in the floor and did just that. Starting this morning about 10:30 she had her first one. It looks just like her. Then came a black one, and black one with brown, then a calicos, a striped gray one, and then one more that looks like her. We are both exhausted!!!!! Ha. We are not even going to ask who the father is…… She is just the best mommy ever. She wanted me there the whole time….I felt so special. God is good……

All together now…..Ahh !

And then, after the birth…. Ahh ! (again)

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  1. "Another person from the Mann's"
    Posted July 9, 2005 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    Kitty Kai is so sweet when I visited the Reef from Florida. My little sister and I named her Ivy but know she’s a Kitty Kai! Her kittens are so cute. When we were in cayman for my grandma’s timeshare, she came to our patio everyday and we fed her Meow Mix. My grandma even brought her to the vet once to check her kittens i guess. Kitty Kai is so sweet and doesn’t scratch, bite, or hurt at all.

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