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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Rain, rain go away !

Rainy season is supposed to be predictable… around mid to late May it will be mostly grey and rainy for a couple of weeks, then the rest of the summer is sunny with occasional late afternoon cloudbursts, until late October, when we get the same grey rain stuff again for a couple of weeks. So, [...]

How much do you rely on travel review web sites ?

Asking your opinions here. In recent years hotel/travel review websites have become quite the thing, reaching cricital mass last year when TripAdvisor was bought by Interactive Corp (owners of, among other, Expedia & I know that when I travel somewhere new, I don’t take the word of the hotel websites, I always look for [...]

Barefoot Man on vacation

In answer to a question… the man does not like to work too hard, (although as we speak I think he is working hard moving back into his newly rebuilt “Ivanised” house)…. so he is taking a vacation. Barefoot will be away and so there will be no performances from Jul 22nd through August 8th, [...]

Lighthouse Restaurant "soon come"

In the latest edition of Cayman Observer : Guiseppe Gatta, owner of the Lighthouse Restaurant, told the Cayman Observer that he plans to reopen at the waterfront location in the middle of July. I don’t think he meant THIS July…. as that is two weeks away… but it does look like progress is being made, [...]