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Travel Insurance Advice

With all the money you’re saving on our Specials at the moment you might like to consider spending a little of that on some extra protection for you and your traveling companions….
Whilst we at The Reef Resort offer our excellent Hurricane Guarantee policy, you may also wish to take out a formal Travel Insurance policy to cover you for those unplanned occurrences that cannot be foreseen with any amount of trip planning. Please note that we do not sell Travel Insurance, but on this page we do offer you information to help you research and make your own decisions.
We don’t worry about Hurricanes here (we are prepared, but we don’t worry !), as even though a number of Hurricanes typically occur each year, the Atlantic basin is a big place, and the chances of any one island getting hit are remote. However, if tropical storm worries are stopping you from coming to the Caribbean at what is a great time of year to travel, then if Travel Insurance addresses those worries, we say go for it !
Travel insurance will typically cost about 4-8% of the cost of your trip, but if you factor in the great rates and special deals available throughout the Caribbean for travel during Hurricane Season, you will still save much more than the cost of your travel insurance if you choose to travel at this time of year.
We hope you find this information useful to you in planning your visit to The Reef, and, above all, as Bobby McFerrin says, “Don’t Worry, be Happy” !

Go to our Travel Insurance web-page here to read more

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