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The Sky at Night

Light pollution is the bane of Astronomers. There is so much artificial light around the areas where most people live (creating an orange glow over cities and towns), that the view of the night sky in it’s natural form is inhibited.

The Cayman Islands, especially Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and the East End of Grand Cayman provide a haven from this light pollution – I was reminded of this last night at the East End Heritage celebrations that make up part of the annual Pirates Week festival. The colours are almost blinding when a firework shoots up into the darkness (This photo isn’t nearly as good as the real thing but you get the picture).

The festivities went on until after 1.30am this morning with music and a live band, displays of old relics from times gone by (like this newspaper that was brought back to share with others by a sea-faring local man), food stalls, TV crews who spent a lot of time standing near the food stalls, local crafts, a well stocked bar, and the most hearty atmosphere imaginable.

As I leave you for today and head back to the grindstone I can’t help wondering if there’s another blogger out there who’s not getting very far…

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