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It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

Happy Hour at the (yes hurricane proof!) Beach Bar is ever popular. (Every day 5 ’til 7pm)

Linda Locke (pictured here receiving star staff member award from Castro’s Hideaway Manager Phil Maguire) is your Friday Happy Hour Hostess/Photographer – not only does she make a mean mudslide, she takes a mean mugshot too.

Our photo gallery now has all the Friday Happy Hour snapshots from October and November on display. Visit the gallery here

Linda is already gathering up the next round – available for viewing soon.

PS/ If you have any photos taken here at The Reef or in Cayman in general that you’d like to share with the world, send them in (you can email me by clicking on my ‘profile’) and we’ll display them in our Guest Gallery.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted December 7, 2005 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    Linda is the best, she was just wonderful to us when we were there
    Buddy and Marsha

  2. Anonymous
    Posted December 12, 2005 at 10:00 am | Permalink

    Linda is great. We have been coming to the Reef a owners for six years and our last visit was a jewel because of her.

    I would like to know how our resident Tini is doing with her pregancy?

    Have a great Holiday
    Julie and Jim Bechtold

  3. Odd Blog
    Posted December 13, 2005 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    Julie and Jim, thanks for your concern. (And Linda says hi!)

    Tini and her 4 beautiful kittens are being looked after by the Humane Society as for their own health and safety they needed to be in caring hands that the busy staff here cannot be sure of providing 100% of the time. It was a touch decision but ultimately for the best.

    The Humane Society say that the kittens will be rehomed with little effort and some of us are hoping that we may be able to bring Tini back to the grounds of the resort if we are allowed to.

    You can email us direct to keep track of the progress – we have a photo we can send you too. (Just go back to the blog – and click on one of the bloggers listed on the right hand side.)

  4. Jo-Ann & Jeff
    Posted December 19, 2005 at 5:57 am | Permalink

    Can’t wait to try one of those famous mudslides! We’re 30 days away and counting!

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