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Keith is currently out of the office…..

What a drag, having to slip on a pair of shorts, pick up your laptop and walk straight out of your Ocean Front Condo, across the beach and onto the dock to catch up on the latest slew of emails.

Reef guest Keith Orchard wasn’t complaining yesterday morning when he was spotted doing just this – emailing those back home has never been so picturesque!

As you can see, Wireless service at The Reef is not only available in our lobby, but also at The Beach Bar, on the dock, and many parts of the beach.

The service is currently free as it doesn’t cover the whole resort and as with any new baby, there have been some teething problems. (i.e. If you’ve got important work to bring with you please don’t rely solely on the wireless service to help you complete your mission, it is wise to have a plan B for communications. Bring vital work on a disc so that you can use the high-speed service at the Thirsty Surfer, our on-site liquor-store and internet cafe.)

HEALTH BENEFIT WARNING: The Reef Resort may harm your ability to concentrate on anything other than Pure Beach Relaxation.

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