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Smoke-free followers

Word is that Grand Cayman’s Westin Casuarina Resort is turning smoke-free in February 2006.

Yet again we have a case of The Reef being the Pied Piper and other resorts being the rats – in a metaphorical sense of course ;)

An article in the Caymanian Compass on this ‘new’ development quotes our Director Tom McCallum (blogger TomCayman):

“I believe that the great majority of of tourist customers do not smoke, in fact research done on this shows that about 90 percent of the market is non-smoking”.

Our restaurant and all suites are non-smoking but we remain smoker friendly with the provision of ashtrays on the patios of the suites and the restaurant has a smoking/cigar terrace overlooking the ocean.

All imitators…Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

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