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Pied Peart

Thanks to Jim and Sharon Van Dyke who sent in these ‘action’ photos of John ‘The Pied Piper’ Peart, one of the Reef Resort Maintenance Crew.

John has pioneered the lunch-time fish feeding from our dock which, as you can see, is proving popular – especially with the scale-skinned community (that’s the fish I’m talking about… unless you forgot to wear sun-block).

Sharon emailed and told me; “It was such fun for Jim each day at noon, feeding the fish. John was so nice and what a good activity for the guests”.

“It was like watching the pied piper as he walked out onto the dock people all over the beach started walking over and he usually drew quite a crowd. It was fun!”

Sharon and Jim also saw someone at night with a fishing pole on the dock. They said when Jim mentioned it to John he was irate. John would like to protect the fish that live under our dock so that snorkelers can enjoy them for time to come.
After all (and have you ever known me resist the opportunity for an easy pun?) we have other fish to fry!!

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