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Monthly Archives: February 2006

The Sun, the Sea and…..Stingrays!!

For those of you who have not yet visited us here in Grand Cayman, the sandbar at Stingray City is a MUST do. Our trip goes out every Tuesday afternoon. For those of you who think you wont get in the water, no worries, you can see them as clear as day just sitting on [...]

Tini & Cosmo – The Resort Patrol

For everybody who was wondering how Tini & Cosmo have been doing, …please look for yourself. They are well and back together. Tini had four beautiful kittens back in December and spent several weeks at the Humane Society in George Town. The volunteers there are doing a fantastic job for homeless cats & dogs on [...]

A new addition to The Reef is “Leona’s World of Art”. Leona, our activities director, is seen here painting her new arts & crafts room. Behind this door lies all kinds of crafty ideas, from painting to making refridgerator magnets . She does a variety of crafts with the guests from Tuesday through Friday. Make [...]

World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir visits Cayman

The Cayman Art Festival started off with an excellent show. Cayman got to see a great performance of the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir at the First Babtist Church in George Town. I had seen them several years ago in my hometown in Germany and would go to see them again at any time. The [...]

Orientate and Win

If you’re coming to The Reef this year, don’t forget to attend the Sunday Morning Orientation Breakfast at 9am. Not only will you get to hear about what’s going on for the following week, (even if you’re a regular here it is a useful refresher)but you also get the chance to win prizes, including this [...]

Keeping Afloat with New Technology

The Reef Resort is the only property on Grand Cayman to offer the newest swimming pool technology and Chlorine Free Swimming for our guests! We’ve employed a new method of cleaning in order to offer you ‘maximum bather comfort’ during your stay here. So there’s no more chlorine smell or swimmers red eye to deal [...]

Divers Alert: New Business Hours for Thirsty Surfer

This news will be especially of interest to morning divers or in fact anyone who likes to wake up to the smell and taste of freshly ground coffee. Our on-site Liquor Store and Internet Cafe, will now open its doors half an hour earlier than before; providing great coffee and a welcome boost for anyone [...]

Radical Honesty

If you’re a regular visitor to The Reef Resort website you may have noticed the frequently updated guest reviews towards the bottom of the home page. There’s no mystery in how we do this, it’s quite simple. After experiencing the wonders of our beautiful resort, the discerning traveller is often compelled to put finger to [...]