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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Photographic Art at The Reef

Regular Reefians may remember that we have had 12 lovely framed prints hanging in and around the lobby since last summer. They are the creation of talented Caymanian Photographer, Patrick Broderick, who has finally confirmed pricing of US$350 per print. The prints are not framed but are limited editions and signed by the artist. They would [...]

Castro has left the building………..

But no worries, he is in the very capable hands of Gerald Dilbert. Gerry will be opening an aviary/parrot Jungle within a few months. He will have 1 acre of land under netting so that Castro and his new found friends can fly to their heart’s content!! Gerry said he was taking Castro home to [...]

Age is just a number

News from Los Angeles: After working for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for 76 years, Arthur Winston is celebrating his 100th birthday by retiring. In the last 72 years, Winston has missed just one day of work, in 1988 when his wife died. This got us to thinking about our own staff and how lucky we [...]

Conservationism evolves for our future

Biodiversity has never been so hot on the agenda. Further to our blog on the Cayman Sea Sense initiative – Conservation of Cayman’s rich environmental diversity received a further hefty boost last week with the official launch of the Cayman Islands Darwin Project. The UK Government are funding the project with a US $300,000 grant [...]

Home Alone ?

As of now, making calls to those you left back home is better value at The Reef. We have reduced the flat connection fee for calling toll free call card numbers from your suite – down from US$3 to US$1 flat fee. The Thirsty Surfer will be selling $10.00 and $20.00 calling cards. Now you [...]

For the love of Seafood and the Oceans….

Choose Cayman Sea Sense items next time you dine out in Grand Cayman. The Cayman Sea Sense project is a sustainable seafood education program dedicated to helping restaurants and their customers make informed and environmentally positive seafood choices. Castro’s Hideaway at The Reef is already upholding principles of sustainability – there is an inspection process [...]

Annual Agriculture Fair

This was an exciting event as usual. This took place on Ash Wednesday. It’s a day for all of the local crafters and farmers to come out and display their goods for sale. There were also booths where they sell local food, cooked the good old Caymanian way!!! Things like cassava cake, stewed turtle and [...]

Mardi Gras rocks Cayman

How about Mardi Gras on the beach…Kaibo hosts their 7th annual Mardi Gras Celebrations on the east side of the island (about 20 min drive from The Reef Resort)This year’s high light is Lady Precise, a vocalist and freestyle performer out of Vancouver, next to local Rock Band Ratskyn and DJ Presser and DJ Johnny [...]

Strip Mall soon to be opened

The latest update on the strip mall across from the resort is – to be opened in April. A definite addition to this side of the island will be the Foster’s Supermarket with groceries and other items. If you are arriving in April/May please check with our concierge team on the progress otherwise we recommend [...]