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For the love of Seafood and the Oceans….

Choose Cayman Sea Sense items next time you dine out in Grand Cayman.

The Cayman Sea Sense project is a sustainable seafood education program dedicated to helping restaurants and their customers make informed and environmentally positive seafood choices.

Castro’s Hideaway at The Reef is already upholding principles of sustainability – there is an inspection process to go through and we are waiting for this to happen.

What is sustainable seafood? The Cayman Islands National Trust’s website lists it as the following:

A species that is abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.

A species that is well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.

A species that is harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species.

A species that has a method of catch which ensures there is limited habitat loss associated with the harvesting method.

The project will assist local chefs and restaurant owners in general, in reducing the number of non-sustainable seafood items on their menus. Participation is open to any restaurant that provides at least one sustainable option on their menu, with a commitment for continuous improvement. Full certification comes when all seafood items on the menu are sustainable.

So be sure to look out for the Cayman Sea Sense icon on menus which will allow you to choose sustainable seafood options as certified by the Cayman Sea Sense Team.

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