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Hard Worker Winston now Rests in Peace

This is sad news following our blog about the value of older workers on March 24th – ‘Age is Just a Number’.

Arthur Winston, the Los Angeles Transit Worker who celebrated his 99th birthday at work on March 22nd 2005 – less than a month after retiring on his 100th birthday, died in his sleep 2 weeks ago on April 15th.

To his former colleagues at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Winston was more than a model employee known for his energy, punctuality and longevity. He was a legend. Winston missed one day of work in over 70 years, and that was to attend his wife’s funeral in 1988. In 1996, he received an “Employee of the Century” citation from President Bill Clinton.

This news reminds us of all those special people who work hard to improve the world throughout their lives and dedicate themselves to the company or individual they work for – spending their limited time on this earth in service and helping others.
We are very lucky to have many of these loyal and dedicated people at The Reef Resort and plan to keep them here as long as we possibly can!
So raise your next glass to Arthur Winston and all who follow him.

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