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Diving with a Difference – Ventus Land Spring

Scuba fanatics will be excited to read that Ocean Frontiers (The Reef’s on-site Dive Operator) are still pushing the boundaries that they did ten years ago when they first set up their operation out here on the ‘undiscovered’ East End of Grand Cayman.
This is definitely one to look out for on future visits to The Reef.

One of the final frontiers in Cayman diving are the fresh water springs in the interior of the island. One of the largest is in the East End district on private farm land about 3 miles from the ocean and almost a mile of a trek off the beaten path! After getting permission from one of the land owners and manager for the farm land, Evelyn McLaughlin, some of the guys from Ocean Frontiers (O.F.) set the date to make this special dive in late February 2006.

Fraser Purdon, General Manager of O.F., and David Rhea a very experienced Cave diver were the two ‘designated divers’- the rest of the gang (3) say they were there as the cheap mules to carry all their tanks and gear through the bush and to the entry point.

The Ventus Land Spring is a water hole for cattle and is still used today. Local legend has it that the spring is bottomless and connects through to the sea. This is certainly an interesting dive, Fraser and Dave spent over an hour exploring as much of the cave system as possible in one dive and reached a maximum depth of approx 145ft. Fraser and Dave felt they covered most of the system that could be reached by divers, but there were still some areas that need further investigation.

Ocean Frontiers say that they hope to see some development of this cave as a dive site over the next few years- but don’t expect to this until the access path/road is improved :)

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  1. Mad Bull
    Posted May 20, 2006 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    Interesting, cave diving. Some people do this in Jamaica as well…

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