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National ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ Day – September 19th

It appears that people all over the world are (perhaps inadvertently) preparing for Pirate’s Week in Grand Cayman. A man called Dave Barry is responsible for the debauchery. Join in the fun by visiting the ‘official’ website

Here be a snippet of what to be expecting:

How To Be Speakin’ Pirate-Like

Startin’ Rules:

Double up on all your adjectives and you’ll be bountifully bombastic with your phrasing. Pirates never speak of “a big ship”, they call it a “great, grand ship!” They never say never, they say “No nay ne’er!”

Drop all your “g”‘s when you speak and you’ll get words like “rowin’”, “sailin’” and “fightin’”. Dropping all of your “v”‘s will get you words like “ne’er”, “e’er” and “o’er”.

Instead of saying “I am”, sailors say, “I be”. Instead of saying “You are”, sailors say, “You be”. Instead of saying, “They are”, sailors say, “They be”. Ne’er be speakin’ in anythin’ but the present tense!

Don’t forget Grand Cayman’s own Pirate’s Week begins this year on November the 9th, running through to the 19th. The Reef Resort is a great place to join in with the shinannigans, so be sure you don’t miss out.

For detailed information the Pirate’s Week website is now there for the viewin’ me hearties.

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