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$8 each way fares on Spirit to Grand Cayman !

We are always strongly suggesting that Cayman afficianados subscribe to e-newsletters from airlines serving Cayman, and just now an email came in from Sprint advertising an “$8 each way” sale.

If you can travel from Fort Lauderdale (Sprint’s Caribbean Hub) to Grand Cayman on any of the following dates and are quick about booking, then you may be lucky !

2/9/07, 2/23/07, 2/26/07, 3/12/07

Return dates from GCM to FLL :

2/20/07, 3/1/07, 3/4/07, 3/8/07

On a related note, we just did a study on airfares from the New York area to Cayman for February and March 2007. Right now availability is good, and fares around US$450-500 return. For flights to Cayman in the height of the season, we think those are good fares, but don’t wait until January to book, or you may be disappointed… don’t say we didn’t warn you !

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