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Stargazing with Michael

Michael Mann, our Sales Team Leader, is a very keen astronomer and for years has been offering the benefit of his wisdom (plus some fun tales of the legends of the constellations) one evening each week. He takes guests out to the end of the dock on a clear night and they enjoy one of our unique experiences here at The Reef.

Today Michael received a lovely email and picture from a guest, and he thought it definitely worth sharing (paraphrased a little for anonymity)… things like this make us all really enjoy being part of The Reef family ! :

Good Morning Mich
ael –

We were in the Cayman’s with my parents in late March for vacation. Hopefully you remember me, my two boys and my husband Kevin. I know you have a lot of people coming and going.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to email you since we got back to let you know what a wonderful vacation we had. When we returned, I asked my two boys to color a picture or two of their favorite things we did while on vacation. I wanted to scan their pictures and include in a thank you note to my parents. One boy drew a picture of our visit to the Turtle Farm, and the other drew two different ones – one at Stingray City and the other is called “Stargazing with Michael”. It turned out so cute and I wanted to send you a copy of it. You’ll find it attached. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I thought it was neat that he enjoyed looking at the stars so much.

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