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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Cayman Rose & Ms. Sheila

This is a lovely and ongoing story (see blog Jan 6, 2006) that illustrates why so many of our repeat guests and owners feel that they are “family” at The Reef. The lovely little girl in the picture is called Cayman Rose, and yes, she was named that after her parents love for Cayman. After [...]

Expedia Insiders’ Select – Celebration Party !

Last week (on July 4th, as it happened) we had a fairly impromptu party to celebrate our achievement in being #1 in the Caribbean and #14 Worldwide on the Expedia Insiders’ Select. As this rating would not have happened without our guests filing their Travelers Opinion reports on Expedia, and those glowing reports would not [...]

Islomaniac of the Year – vote for Barefoot !

Barefoot tells me that he has just been nominated as “Islomaniac of the Year” in the Private Islands Blog. Take a look at that blog, quite interesting even if you don’t have enough spare cash to buy your own private island !

Iguana Invasion in Grand Cayman !

Twice a year the inimitable Barefoot Man shows that his artistic skills are not limited to music by producing a tourist information newspaper called “Fun News” dedicated to the Eastern Districts of Grand Cayman. This is widely distributed around the hotels on the island (just ask your concierge) and is a lot of fun, even [...]