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Dean Update #1

Hi folks

Long time no blog, but at least last weekend I had an excuse.

Will blog later with current photos of our beach, but suffice to say we had upwards of 50 people and tons of heavy equipment on the beach yesterday redistributing the huge amounts of sand that got shifted around and otherwise cleaning up.

Suffice to say that having a 1600 foot long and very deep beach is a blessing at almost all times other than when we have to clean it up after we get heavy wave action…. Hurricane Dean didn’t have any wind impact on Cayman, but coastal areas did get some crazy waves and surf !

We could have fully opened for business almost right away, as our rooms were untouched, but we have decided to give it a few days in order to take the opportunity to bring things back to 100% first…. and also take the chance to do some jobs such as acid washing the pools we just drained… so when they are refilled they will sparkle more brightly than ever.

Anyway, will be rocking and rolling by Saturday, and our beach bar and restaurant will be open from Friday lunchtime.

Almost all docks on the island took a hammering, but our dock withstood Ivan, so Dean was just a scratch. Having said that, it is designed such that the dock planking pops off and floats to shore so as to not stress the structure. We lost over half the planking in Dean and it is on the beach down the coast somewhere, so the dock will be closed for a few days yet.

I feel bad for our neighbours at Morritts, as they just finished their new dock, and judging by the big chunks of it all over our beach, it must have taken a pounding. Anyway, I’m told they are re-opening on Friday too, so they must be basically fine as well.

Monday evening the inimitable Andrew Bacon comes back from his summer vacation, and I have the feeling it will be a killer party at the beach bar !

More later :)

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