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RUNDOWN: Food or Fun?

Its that time of year again for RUNDOWN. No I’m not talking about food, i’m talking about the show!

For those of you not familiar with the dish “rundown”, it is a traditional Caymanian cuisine comprised of fish cooked in coconut milk and served with breadfruit and cassava. In fact, just typing this is making me hungry! However, lets get back to the topic of the day which is the show.

RUNDOWN is a once a year theatrical production that takes both a comedic and sarcastic look at The Cayman Islands and local issues from the past year.

This two hour comedy show always has the audience in stitches as the characters poke fun of such serious political issues as “the rollover policy” and government officials, to daily interactions and everyday life in cayman.

The show was created by Dave Martins in 1991 and has become a staple of Cayman theatre as both locals and visitors alike come each year for a good laugh and a good time. There are many newcomers in this years show, but some of the old favorites like Alan Ebanks (pictured on the left),are still around bringing their unique comedic skills to the stage. I have to say this show is uniquely Cayman and a must for any visitor.

This years theatrical run was so popular in fact, that they have added two more shows for October 9th and October 10th at the Harquail Theatre. Yours truly has been once already and i am definitely planning on seeing it again!

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