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The Reef’s Hurricane Guarantee – in action

This email was just received by Linda Locke, a member of The Reef team and our weddings and meetings specialists (but when a storm threatens, we all do everything!)… edited for brevity and to remove names :

I cannot thank you enough for the attentive care my 2 children and I were given by all of your staff. Though we only got to stay at The Reef for one night before we had to evacuate, you made us feel like we were family. We will never forget your help and concern.

While your own lives and homes were potentially being threatened by Hurricane Dean, you selflessly put your customers’ needs first. Everyone we met during our 2 days on Grand Cayman was so very gracious and kind. We are grateful and glad that the storm spared you.

While waiting hours in the airport for a stand-by flight to Miami, we talked with a couple who ranted about how unhelpful the staff was at (a five star hotel that shall remain nameless)! We recounted our experience at The Reef and they said they would definitely check out The Reef for their next trip.

We had planned our trip many months ago and had been looking forward to our first visit to Grand Cayman. It was so disappointing after our long journey and anticipation to have to leave after one night.

Unfortunately, our school and work schedules, as well as our finances, do not allow us another vacation soon. However, we would like to take you up on your offer of a certificate for five nights. We might be able to come next June. Please let me know the restrictions and anything else required to be eligible.

Again, thank you for your warm hospitality and sincere concerns for our welfare. We are looking forward to our next trip to The Reef with even more excitement now that we know how extraordinarily wonderful a place it is.

Best wishes to you and all your staff,

K** D****** and family

In a past life I was a Chartered Accountant (tough to believe, I know!), but as I look at the highly lucrative career options I could have chosen in (for example) helping all those offshore hedge funds manage their billions in Cayman… I can’t help but realise how rich all of us who work at The Reef really are when we can be part of something as special as this place !

Sorry (sniff), got sentimental there for a minute !

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