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Reef Profile of Vida Christian (Housekeeping Supervisor)

Ms. Vida arrived in Cayman 16 years ago on the advice of her sister who was living here at the time. “I love Cayman and since my sister was here i decided to come and stay for a little while. A little while turned into 16 years as i couldn’t see myself leaving, I love the island too much.” Ms. Vida has been an employee of The Reef over 7 years and when asked what she most enjoys about the job she said,”I most enjoy making guest happy, i also enjoy the camaraderie that all the staff have here. It feels like one big family. I also love all the owners here and wish they were here all the time”

When not at The Reef, you can find Ms. Vida dancing. “I Love to dance”, says Ms. Vida. I’m sure any attendees at a staff party can attest to that. “Calypso and reggae all the way for me, said Ms. Vida. Also an avid reader and cook, Ms. Vida enjoys dramatic novels and basically any book with serious drama, while waiting for her “Ackee and Saltfish” to be cooked.

When asked what her greatest accomplishment was Ms. Vida stated, “It would be working here and gaining the position I’m at now of Housekeeping Supervisor”. She also describes herself as a joyful and friendly person who always tries to have a smile on her face.
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