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Too rent a car or not ? That is the question.

Apologies to William Shakespeare… but anyway, the answer is a big YES!

Hi, and welcome to my first “Concierge Column”, be gentle with me, this is my first blog !

Many guests ask the concierge, “Should we rent a car?”.

I say ; “Well, it depends on how you want to spend your vacation. If you want to stay on the resort and “Chill” for your entire vacation then perhaps you don’t need a car. On the other hand if you want to visit other restaurants in the area or to see some other great sights of Grand Cayman such as Rum Point or Pedro’s Castle then you will need a car. There is limited public transportation on this side of the island at a variable schedule. The public bus sticks mainly to the major roads which could leave you with a long walk from the drop off point. The other tidbit to note about the bus, is that it runs only during the daytime hours. There are taxis on the island but they are in most cases more costly then a rental car. To put it plainly, for the cost one taxi to Georgetown and back and one taxi to dinner and back you could have a rental car for an entire 7 days. “

Boy, that was a long “spiel”, but you get the idea… rent a car ! :) Hey it’s quite at our end of the island, if you are not sure whether to drive on the left or the right (umm.. it’s the left), we just say “drive in the middle” :)

Seriously though, the concierge team here at The Reef has connections and special rates with car rental companies in Grand Cayman so before you arrive contact us about your car rental options, simply email us at

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