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Welcome back to The Reef Wedding Blog!

This week I am writing about one of the most exciting and rare options available to Caribbean Destination Wedding couples, available right here in Cayman to all of our wonderful ‘nearly weds’ who are planning to say their vows on our beautiful island.

For all of us Wedding addicts and travel bugs who can’t miss a wedding, we will jet half way across the world to join in the festivities, no matter the cost or sacrifice involved, to experience the real thing (and probably suffer for a few days afterwards, especially if the groom has 16 Irish brothers and sisters!).

However, I believe that at every wedding I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a few, my own included!!) there are always some very dear family members, or friends of the couple, who have not been able to attend for any number of reasons. This is especially true for Destination weddings and can be a major factor in making the decision of whether or not to say ‘I do’ in the idyllic, picturesque location of your dreams or to keep the nuptials closer to home.

This is where Our Cayman Wedding is soooo valuable! At an extremely affordable cost, the Bride and Groom can opt to have their ceremony, and any other part of their big day, streamed live and unedited through the web. Thus allowing their missing favourite Grandma, Aunt, high school friend, long lost cousin, pen pal (you get the idea) to log in, at no additional cost, and experience the festivities as they are happening. Such a great concept and the perfect answer to those Wedding day ‘I wish Aunty Ethel or Grandma Flossie were here’ blues!

As an added bonus, this webcast can be edited and viewed by the couple and their loved ones over and over again via the Internet through a personalized Wedding Web page that Our Cayman Wedding can create and design for the couple.

I can think of many weddings that I have been to, in fact most of them, where this would have been the ‘cherry on top’ of the perfectly iced day and would have made for a much less stressful Destination Wedding planning experience!

For further information, please contact or you can contact our Weddings team here at The Reef at

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