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Your Mini Moon at The Reef

Greetings to you all again from the blog team at The Reef. For this weeks wedding blog spot, I am going to tell you about our new ‘Mini Moon’ package (no this doesn’t have any reference to the size of the moon here in Cayman! As any previous guest or Cayman resident will tell you, our moon is the same size as anywhere else in the world and is a beautiful sight to see reflected on the silvery ocean on any given night!).

The Mini Moon is, in fact, a relatively new trend in Destination Weddings which I had the pleasure of learning about during a recent Destination Weddings seminar here in Cayman, hosted by Wedding expert and Champion blogger, Rebecca Grinnals. Thank you Rebecca!

During the early stages of planning destination weddings, one of the toughest decisions for the couple is choosing the perfect location that will suit their needs and their attending group of family and friends. We’ve all experienced or heard about the ‘vacation disasters’ where everything looked perfect in the brochure or on the website, only to arrive and be in the worst vacation nightmare you could have! Oceanview being two miles from the ocean through a quagmire of dirty streets and busy traffic, full size pool being the size of a your kids paddling pool plus a few inches and a family friendly beach with topless sunbathing and lunchtime shot drinking competitions.
The ‘Mini Moon’ is designed as a short getaway for the couple, where they can visit the location that they are considering for their wedding to confirm to themselves that they are making the perfect choice. During their getaway, they can meet with Wedding professionals, explore the island, sample local food and restaurants and envision, first hand, the Wedding experience that awaits them and their guests. This is also a perfect break for the couple, who can enjoy their spare time relaxing and enjoying their mini break together.

Our ‘Mini Moon’ package is available to all future Wedding couples (whether The Reef is their chosen Wedding destination or not!) during our Summer Season (until December 20th) here at The Reef Resort and includes a three night stay in a beautiful, beach front (and yes we do mean beachfront!) Deluxe Studio, breakfast in bed each morning, a jeep rental for the entire stay(minimum age restrictions do apply) and a full consultation meeting with our Wedding coordinator (that would be me) here at The Reef. This three day package is available to all ‘nearly weds’ for US $895 per couple including all taxes, additional nights can be added upon request.

Please contact us here at The Reef at for further details on your ‘Mini Moon’. Please also check out Rebecca Grinnals fabulous wedding blog site for wonderful wedding tips, news and new trends.

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