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Monthly Archives: November 2007

RNN (Reef News Network) Special Report

Blogging to you live from the front line of The Reef Resort(Concierge Desk) this is Prospect. I have been here at the concierge desk for a full week now and have breakings news to report, Cayman Jazz Fest is a hit! Many guests have been flocking to the desk to get their hands on these [...]

"Wha happenin dis weekend"

This weekend and next will feature two major entertainment events, Cayman Jazz Fest and Gimistory. Back in the days(3 months ago) when i first started blogging about The Cayman Jazz Fest the performer scheduale had not been fully announced. Well you are in for a treat as some of the biggest names in jazz and [...]

Must Sees in Cayman – Mastic Trail and Botanic Park

Hi folks, I’ve just spent a great half day being a tourist… taking some UK journalists down teh Mastic Trail

Reef Profile John Peart (Maintenance)

“What i love most is seeing the smiles on guest faces and trying to make their day just a bit more enjoyable”, said John when asked to describe what he most loves about working at The Reef. Having been at the resort for almost three years, many return guests should certainly be familiar with John [...]

How big is the beach at The Reef ?

Thanks to Barefoot Man for this lovely picture. When he isn’t playing at The Reef (see his schedule here), recording new songs, marketing his CDs, fishing, lazing in a hammock etc…. he is the publisher of his own newspaper, “Fun News”, which takes a humorous look at things to do and see and life in [...]

Pirates Week (Conclusion)

All goods things must come to an end and unfortunately so does this one. Pirates Week officially concluded this past Saturday in George Town Harbour. A fireworks show marked the end of the Festival and the evening concluded with a final street dance and performance by Image Company. The night before i also attended West [...]

Monday funny – Omid Djalili

Nothing to do with The Reef or Cayman, but discovered this guy last week, I thought he was hysterically funny… and YouTube might have been invented to showcase stand up comedians ! (Click on the image for a five minute standup routine) Tell me if you like it and I’ll try to find a funny [...]

Cuban migrant boat stops briefly at The Reef dock

It was with very mixed emotions that guests and staff alike witnessed the latest Cuban migrant boat to pass through the waters of Cayman, making a very brief stop here at The Reef Resort’s dock yesterday afternoon. The nine men and one woman were in good health and, despite being at sea for 9 days [...]

Pirates Week (The Reef Resort invasion)

Well it seems the Pirates cannot be stopped as they have made their way from George Town all the way to The Reef Resort! The swashbucklers stormed our beach last night and apparently took several employees and guests hostage. In fact, the whereabouts of Valentino (our f+b manager pictured above in the red) are still [...]

The early love birds catch the Wedding!

Good afternoon from Cayman where the sun is shining and all is wonderful here at The Reef! The last couple of weeks have been an extremely busy time for me with more and more couples booking their weddings here at The Reef for 2008 and 2009 (even some for 2010!!). From last years experience, I [...]

Pirates Week (Opening Weekend)

ARGHHHH the pirates have taken over the entire island. This weekend marked the beginning of the festival and it was a blast for all who participated. Friday night was the fireworks show and George Town was completely filled with families and children who came out to enjoy the show. Food was abundant as the smell [...]

Glasgow wins bid for Commonwealth Games 2014

Ok, so this is big news in Scotland today, Glasgow won the bidding for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 today. What does that have to do with Cayman, you ask ? Well… Cayman is a Commonwealth country and always sends a solid representative team in numerous sports… but the honest answer is that this blog [...]

Cayman Islands Turtle Tri – soon come !

As you might expect from a country with year round warm weather, gorgeous ocean waters and a pretty flat geography, Cayman has a buoyant community of triathletes. Coming up soon (Sunday November 25th) is the annual running of the Cayman Turtle Triathlon , a great event and worth coming down to the 7MB Public Beach [...]

Just the two of us!!

Good afternoon all from the belated wedding blog for this week! I must apologize for the delay in posting this week, however, better late than never right? This weeks blog features our latest Reef Newly Weds, Rhonda and Arjen, congratulations!!!! Arjen contacted us just two weeks prior to visiting us here at The Reef requesting [...]