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Pirates Week (Conclusion)

All goods things must come to an end and unfortunately so does this one. Pirates Week officially concluded this past Saturday in George Town Harbour. A fireworks show marked the end of the Festival and the evening concluded with a final street dance and performance by Image Company.

The night before i also attended West Bay district day where i was treated to great Caymanian Cuisine once again. (My belly can attest)

Image Company performed here as well and put on a great show for the crowd. For those Reef guests and owners who need a refresher on West Bay, please take a look at this map for guidance.

The West Bay district features such attractions as Boatswains Beach, Hell, Cemetery Beach, and is features great undrwater diving as well.

Getting back on course, The Pirates Week festival was an overall success and in my eyes was the best I’ve ever been fortunate enough to attend. From the parades and fireworks to cultural lessons and street dances, it was a great time and i hope you are fortunate enough to visit next year.

P.S. Batabano is right around the corner.
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