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Pirates Week (Opening Weekend)

ARGHHHH the pirates have taken over the entire island.

This weekend marked the beginning of the festival and it was a blast for all who participated. Friday night was the fireworks show and George Town was completely filled with families and children who came out to enjoy the show. Food was abundant as the smell of Conch, Fish, and Jerk Chicken filled the air. After the fireworks came the street dance. This was a blast as George Town harbour was completely closed to traffic and people were definitely in the festive spirit and “wining down da place”.

Saturday marked the Pirates landing in George Town aboard their pirate ship. After their mock capturing of George Town, the float parade commenced. The atmosphere was jovial as the sound of soca and steel band music kept everyone moving and grooving. After the parade was another street dance, this one included a performance by world renowned Soca artist Shirwayne Winchester. The crowd was rocking to all of his hits straight to midnight.

This was only the first two days folks. Stay tuned as i will be bringing you more reports from the District Days celebration.

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