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Reef Profile John Peart (Maintenance)

“What i love most is seeing the smiles on guest faces and trying to make their day just a bit more enjoyable”, said John when asked to describe what he most loves about working at The Reef.
Having been at the resort for almost three years, many return guests should certainly be familiar with John as he also does the daily fish feeding from the dock, which has become very popular. “I started the fish feeding because guests would always ask me what was there for my kids to do. So i decided to create something that would be enjoyable for the kids and their parents.”

When not at The Reef you can usually find John in Bodden Town chatting with other Caymanians about the “good ole days” and travelling out to sea for a living.

Just ask John about the Lighthouse School( a school for mentally handicapped children) and watch his face light up as he describes how proud he is of being a member on the fundraising committee. As 2008 approaches John’s main goal is to build a house on the piece of property he recently purchased.

“I just want to send Holiday Greetings to all the past guests at the resorts and i hope to see you in 2008″ says John.

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