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Behind the Shell: The true story of Conch

Conch season is in full effect right now in Cayman and i feel its time the world becomes acquainted with this mysterious creature of the sea.

Conch pronounced ‘Konk’, is a marine snail found in the waters of Atlantic and holds a special place to all Caymanians as a food source. Conch live in shells averaging 8-14 inches in length and can be found generally inside the reef areas of Cayman.

Conch season started on November 1st and and continues until April 30th, 2008. Some quick info on rules and regulations for taking conch:

Conch may not be taken from any of the marine protected areas around the three islands, including the recently introduced Wildlife Interaction Zones.

The legal catch limit for conch taken from the open zones is five per person or 10 per boat, per day, whichever is less. Removing more than the prescribed limit is an offence.

It is also against the law for anyone to receive or purchase more than five conchs taken from Cayman waters in any one day.

Stew Conch, Conch fritters, Marinated conch, and conch salad are just some of the different ways one can consume this animal. My personal favorite is the Stew Conch.
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