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Boatswains Beach Visit

So Sunday afternoon i decided to spend a little quality time with the family and head over to Boatswains Beach and The Turtle Farm. This was my first time visiting this new attraction since the Turtle Farm reopened after Hurricane Ivan.

Boatswains Beach aims to show Cayman Culture while also incorporating a theme park aspect that makes a great time for people of all ages.

Upon entering you will encounter a humongous tank filled with Giant Sea Turtles of which feed is given to you upon entering. You then take a walk throughout the many little tanks which feature Turtles of many ages that you can pick up and hold for a quick snapshot.

Turtle Meat has long been treasured among Caymanians and Turtle Stew is in fact our National Dish. From the days of Catboats(another unique local tradition) to nowadays i would challenge you to find a Caymanian who could pass up a plate of Turtle Stew. I’m starting to get off subject….so…

Now, after you have passed through the Turtle Tanks which also hold such animals as the Caiman Crocodile (from which our islands got their name) and Iguanas, you enter the theme park section of the park. This is where the fun continues as you have the Boatswains Lagoon where you get the chance to swim with all sorts of saltwater creatures, even turtles!

There is also the Predator Reef which features various types of Sharks that can viewed through a protective glass window. To the right is the huge Breakers lagoon which, if you are bringing little kids, you should plan to spend a little while as the kids can’t get enough of it.

The next section is a bird sanctuary featuring such birds as The Cayman Parrot(National Bird), Red Footed Boobies, and many more indigenous birds to Cayman.

After the birds is a nature trail through the woods where those nature enthusiasts can see all of the native tree’s and plants to the Cayman Islands and hopefully walk off some of those Caybrews from the bar. (Maybe that’s just my me.)

Exit the trail and you then head over to Cayman Street which features houses built in the Old Cayman Style and several items such as traditional “fish pots” and a “caboose”, which Caymanians used to cook meals on.

As you exit Boatswains Beach feel free to pick up a souvenir from the gift store.

Overall, I strongly recommend visitors and Caymanians alike to visit this attraction as you get to have fun and learn about the culture all in one trip.

Take a visit to for more info.

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