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National Heroes Day

This Monday marks National Heroes Day here in the Cayman Islands and this got me thinking about the definition of heroes and people who have been heroes.

Caymanian’s dont have to look far back in history to find national heroes as they still live among us. No more then 50 years ago Cayman was a small little island(still is) with very little in terms of material wealth, most Caymanian males went off to sea on various ships to earn a living and support their families back home. With this tradition Caymanian’s became internationally known as great seaman and were highly sought after. These men are now celebrated on National Heroes Day for their contribution to the growth of The Cayman Islands.

Individually, I’m sure everyone has someone who in their life has inspired them. From parents to community leaders to sports stars, the list of people who can inspire and be looked at as contributing to the betterment of their society is endless

Lets spend today having a good time but also taking time to appreciate the people who came before you and helped shape who you are.

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