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Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Reef Resort, Grand Cayman adopts Dragons Save the Blue Iguanas

(Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – 2008) The Blue Iguana is an incredible, dragon-like creature endemic to Grand Cayman, and today, man and nature have diminished 90 percent of the Blue Iguana population. “The Reef Resort’s employees and management team are passionate about the environment where we live and prosper so it’s only fitting we assist [...]


The Dolphin Fish( not flipper) has always been regarded as a prize catch not just for its size and taste, but also for the fact that it is great for game fisherman who love the fight these fish can put up.Dolphin can be found not too far from shore (sometimes in less then a 100 [...]


In simpler days, before Cayman was both a huge tourism and financial sector, pretty much all of the food had to be grown locally as there was not alot of food importation taking place here on the island. From this, many staple crops of the traditional Caymanian diet were formed. As the soil in Cayman [...]

Batabano Street Dance Recap

This years Batabano was once again a fun time for all who attended. As i was not able to attend the actual parade, what i can give you is a secondhand account. “The parade was excellent and had people wining up and down the street for a long time, there were great big costumes and [...]