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Batabano Street Dance Recap

This years Batabano was once again a fun time for all who attended. As i was not able to attend the actual parade, what i can give you is a secondhand account.
“The parade was excellent and had people wining up and down the street for a long time, there were great big costumes and all those who marched were definitely enjoying themselves. This was certainly one of the best Batabanos i have been to in a little while” said an anonymous source.
As for myself, I arrived at Batabano shortly after 8pm just in time for the street dance which was already under way. Walking through the streets of George Town which were completely blocked off, one can almost feel that the whole island is packed into this one area to have a great time and let loose.

There were designated areas for food and drinks where you could get local dishes like Turtle Stew, Conch Stew, and of course adult beverages.

The stage area was set up right in from of the harbour which provided a great backdrop for the soca bands that were performing. They had the crowds jumping and moving at the snap of their fingers through out most of the evening.

From all accounts it was another succesful Batabano and i hope you can down and enjoy it with us here next year.
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