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In simpler days, before Cayman was both a huge tourism and financial sector, pretty much all of the food had to be grown locally as there was not alot of food importation taking place here on the island. From this, many staple crops of the traditional Caymanian diet were formed.

As the soil in Cayman was and is still not generally regarded as the best for mass food production, many people grew crops that could weather both the harsh heat and dry ground. Foods like Cassava, Breadfruit, Sweet potatoes, plantains and Pumpkin were high in starch and locally known as “breadkind”.

These crops tend to fill you up longer and as i stated earlier do not need alot of maintenance. These foods are in practically all authentic Caymanian Dishes you can try. From Cassava cakes to Rundown(Fish Dinner) these crops reflect not only the food culture of Cayman but its people as well.

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