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The Dolphin Fish( not flipper) has always been regarded as a prize catch not just for its size and taste, but also for the fact that it is great for game fisherman who love the fight these fish can put up.Dolphin can be found not too far from shore (sometimes in less then a 100 feet of water) ,which equals them showing up on alot of restaurant menu’s in Cayman.

As the actual Dolphin species has become more known thanks to TV shows like “Flipper”and various marine animal theme parks, the reaction of seeing Dolphin on a menu has caused alot of confusion from past visitors. The term “Mahi-Mahi” has know become popular both in Cayman and around the world, to describe this fish and to eliminate any confusion.

So the next time you see Dolphin on the menu, just remember this is the tasty one. Yum!
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